UltraPak System

Truly “cool” UV through mirror quartz technology

The UltraPak arc lamp offers the option of true “cool” UV curing of inks and coatings on heat-sensitive materials for Aetek Pressalmost all makes of narrow web presses. The UltraPak system utilizes an optional dichroic reflector and quartz IR filter in combination with superior heat-management features to permit efficient curing of inks or coatings without the use of chill rolls.

The UltraPak system uses a unique 0.75″ (19 mm)-diameter bulb on its 400 W/in (160 W/cm) mercury lamp system for a more focused exposure area and efficient cure. Measured against equivalent 600 W/in (240 W/cm) lamp systems with traditional 1.1″ (28 mm)-diameter bulbs, an increased cure speed of up to 33 percent can be achieved, running, for example, a 7-10-micron black screen ink. Gallium or metal additive lamps are also available to provide the most efficient spectral output for certain UV processes and heavy ink laydowns.

The UltraPak UV curing system provides outstanding performance and customer interface features. The system design allows ganging of lamp systems to enable rapid reconfiguration and installation on multiple-lamp presses. Interface with the operator and with the press is made through PLC-based controls and an operator display/keypad or optional multi-lamp monitoring touch-screen.

The modular cassette design is fully interchangeable from print station to print station, providing the flexibility to cure at different locations throughout the press. The UltraPakcan be supplied with new in-line presses through the OEM or as a retrofit on existing machines to allow partial or full UV capability.

UVXL System

The Universal UV Curing System

The UVXL air-cooled arc lamp UV curing system is truly universal and combines more than 35 years of Aetek UV experience in supplying proven systems and reliable technology for a wide variety of industries and applications. Both custom and standard systems are available to allow UV curing of inks, coatings and varnishes to enhance the appearance and impart unique properties to the finished product.

The UVXL system uses medium-pressure, mercury arc lamps. The outer housing, reflectorUVXL support and shutters are specially designed aluminum extrusions that provide maximum strength and cooling efficiency, while being lightweight and easy to handle for maintenance. The reflector has an inner liner that is easily replaced to maintain  curing at peak efficiency. Systems can be supplied for new narrow- or wide-web presses through the OEM or as a retrofit on existing machines. UVXL can be installed where space on the machine is limited.