920 model

Capable of 8-up printing of international A4 or letter size
Significantly lower printing plate costs, power consumption and space requirements than a B1-size press
Installation of one LED-UV (or UV) curing unit over the perfecting device and another over the delivery section enables one-pass instant-curing perfecting (920 model only)
In-line coating system adds value to printed work
Features including state-of-the-art sheet transfer technology and a function for quickly and easily checking the roller nip
Newly developed press information display with a large 55” screen, which enables operator to easily monitor printing quality and operating status in real time from the delivery section (optional)


920 model (straight press)
Number of printing units: 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10
Max printing speed: 16,200 sph
Max sheet size: 25.20” x 36.22”
Min sheet size: 11.42” x 16.14”
Max printing area: 24.21” x 35.43”
Paper thickness: 0.0016” – 0.024”
Available with coating unit & convertible perfecting device

940 model
Number of printing units: 4, 5 or 6
Max printing speed: 15,000 sph
Max sheet size: 25.20” x 37.01”
Min sheet size: 11.42” x 16.14”
Max printing area: 24.21” x 36.61”
Paper thickness: 0.0016” – 0.024”
Not available with coater or perfecting