Paul Styers, founder of Styers Equipment Company, was born in 1941 in Helena, Montana. After growing up in Denver and spending four years in the Navy, he joined the printing business with his father, who at that time owned Emblem Tape & Label.  He worked alongside his dad and brother until 1969 at which time he and his brother Jim bought Emblem Tape & Label from their dad.

In 1964, the tag and label printing industry was in its infancy. Paul learned the business from the inside out and gained the experience needed to create the company that would become the prime source for quality new and used tag and label printing equipment — Styers Equipment Company.

While Paul’s path to success wasn’t always easy, it was through his commitment to the industry that Paul became a leader. In 1983, Paul and his brother sold Emblem Tape & Label and Paul started Styers Equipment Company.

Styers Equipment Company was founded on integrity.  At the time, we didn’t see any viable competitors in the used equipment business who had this attribute,” Paul said. “Anything new today is used tomorrow. I saw the value in used equipment and still believe it yields the best return on investment.”

Paul built his mailing list by going to the library and researching converters in each city across the country. His reputation eventually brought him a good share of the marketplace, and in a matter of years the company grew. Through Paul’s relationship building, Styers Equipment reaches over 3,100 converters, both foreign and domestic.

Mike Sarni with Sarni Flexographic, said, “Paul was the pioneer in the industry (brokering used printing equipment) and continues to set the standards for the rest of us.”

Today the future of Styers Equipment Company is brighter than ever. Paul speaks of his daughter Amie Styers, calling her the “heir-apparent.” Amie’s a natural leader, like her father, and she’s well-positioned to take Styers Equipment Company to the next level.

Looking toward the future, Styers Equipment has reinvented itself again. Recently, Colordyne Technologies teamed up with Styers Equipment Company to retrofit inline flexo presses thus creating a hybrid printing solution for traditional flexo and digital printing.

Styers Equipment’s future is digital while anchored in traditional flexo printing equipment,” said Amie Styers, “We are focused on providing our customers an avenue to expand their marketing reach without reinventing the wheel. Our options will provide expanded production opportunities with no need for additional floor space and at affordable prices.”