RMGT 5 Series Small Format Presses

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RMGT 5 Series Small Format Presses


Satellite-type cylinder arrangement consists of double-diameter impression cylinder & double-diameter & triple-diameter transfer cylinders
SPC semi-automatic plate changer ensures fast, accurate plate changing
Vacuum feeder board for easier setting of brush and runner wheels & faster sheet size change
Prints laterally-fed postcards & envelopes
Fully automatic convertible perfecting device (520GXP)
5-color & 6-color printing & in-line varnish coating for high value-added printing


Number of printing units: 4, 5 or 6
Max printing speed: 15,000 sph
Max sheet size: 14.76” x 20.47”
Min sheet size: 4.13” x 3.94”
Max printing area: 13.78” x 19.88”
Paper thickness: 0.0016” – 0.024”
Available with coating unit & convertible perfecting device